Welcome to the association of automobile workshops kerala

The association of automobile workshops kerala was established on the sole purpose of offering guidance, services and information that ensures the independent service and repair sector can endure ambitiously and efficiently in an increasingly complex business landscape. Our ultimate aim is to support and encourage independent garages all throughout Kerala to thrive in all aspects of their business.

We consider ourselves as the people's association to establish the correlation between the motorist and the automotive maintenance and repair service industry.

Not much has changed on that front since May 20th.

1985 when the association felt the need for a strong constitution. Thus the automobile enthusiasts banded together and elected Adv. P.R. Antony to bring together a much-needed structure to the organization. Keeping in mind the sole purpose, a society was registered for the association on the September 9th 1985. Sri Mathew Kattapuram was elected as the very first president of the association along with Sri T. Bhaskaran as the Vice President, Sri K.S. Sreedharan as the General Secretary, Sri T. Sajeev as the Joint secretary and K.A. Xaviour as the Treasurer.

With over 50 thousand active members, The Association of Automobile Workshops Kerala has been recognized as the largest and most prominent representative body in the independent workshop sectors. We have remained strong over a century later and have got a unique history of embracing new technology and innovations to serve you better. Over the years we have cemented our relationship with various government sectors and have always kept a steady connection with numerous Government departments, addressing on your behalf, and are widely respected for our accomplishments. We continue fighting for the independent workshop sector as a whole and champion the spirit of our association members’ work.

We understand the challenges independent garages all across Kerala faces and therefore our mission has always remained to help keep you ahead of the game and continue working productively in an ever-changing technological era. We have worked tremendously hard in all these years and have subsequently developed offices for each and every district in Kerala. Resulting in 14 main offices and 300 subunit offices on an all Kerala level. Our strong self-determination led us to provide a truly outstanding service and, as a team, strive constantly to increase the membership proposition by working with you to provide new and improved ways to help.

The members of The Association of Automobile Workshops Kerala offer professionalism and credibility that sets them apart from the rest. By dealing with accredited independent workshops all throughout the region, the society came into existence with the title

Association of Automobile Workshops Kerala, which was unanimously adopted. Heeding the call by various supporters and leaders all throughout Kerala the society involved in a common goal to merge similar industry and workers together. With the registered office address of Workshop Bhavan, Blossom Cochin road, Elamkulam, Kochi, the association established an enthusiastic following among the motoring community and stayed loyal to their cause till the present day.

As motoring and vehicle users grew in popularity, we too pushed our boundaries to meet the novel needs of our members and workshops all across Kerala. In response to the beginning of a new pact, The Association of Automobile Workshops Kerala was very proud to introduce their distinct goals of just what people would expect from the largest independent workshop association in Kerala. Some of the Aims and Motives of The Association of Automobile Workshops Kerala were as follows:

Our Aims and Motives

• Being one of the prominent workshop associations, The Association of Automobile Workshops Kerala aimed to bring all Automobile repair mechanics and related industry workers under a single roof. In response to the zealous activities of the members the association grew in popularity and had quite a huge following. Through a combination of determination and confidence, the group stayed organized with the increase in members and remained a mecca for automobile enthusiasts as well as mechanics all throughout Kerala.

• The association has always endeavoured to keep their members updated and modernized to stay ahead of the competition and continue working productively in an ever-changing technological era. The difficulties and obstacles faced by the automobile workshop community have always been discussed and solved, leaving absolutely no space for hindrance. All throughout the years, The Association of Automobile Workshops Kerala existed to strengthen the relationship between the motorist and the automotive maintenance and repair service industry, actively taking part in the welfare of each and every member together as one family.

• The association not only looked for the current generation but also have stayed as a helping hand for the future generation. The Association of Automobile Workshops Kerala made it their responsibility to bring together different technical fields of automobile repair and automobile engineering. The association has always strived to keep its members abreast of the ever-changing repair industry, thereby providing authoritative, trustworthy advice, guidance seminars with training and research centre's that ensures that every member has an acceptable standard needed to make vehicles last longer, perform better and journey safely on.

• From road safety classes to car maintenance, The Association of Automobile Workshops Kerala offered reliable services that put the members first. The classes were not only to create self-awareness among members of the association but also for the general public. Workshop owners were provided with classes and seminars on the various hazards that may occur in a workshop and the precautions needed to avoid critical or potential dangers. Hence not only safeguarding the workshop and their machines but also the active workers present.

• The Association of Automobile Workshops Kerala provides approved scheme that guides and unites everyone related to automobile maintenance and related sectors. They have taken on the sole purpose to educate their members in an ever-changing world and to keep them renewed with the new additions to the sector.

• The Association of Automobile Workshops Kerala initiated a Motoring Trust charity which was created to continue their public interest and road safety activities. The charity was keen on providing a lending hand to those members who were financially backward. Its responsibilities have always stayed dominated to provide aid and financial support to the family who has just lost a family member in the line of work.

• The Association of Automobile Workshops Kerala also brought about the concept of labour rights that individuals in the same workshop must be given equal pay for the similar work undertaken. This has induced a huge relief and equality among workers which showed there was zero tolerance for partiality.

• The Association of Automobile Workshops Kerala has remained affiliated to various government sectors and has always showcased very firm foundation before other divisions. The ultimate aim to be the partner in motoring and to excel as the leader in quality vehicle recovery and motoring services have kept the association to firmly protect and justify their members.

• The association has always strived to keep their members renewed, improved and continue working productively in an ever-changing technological era. In difficult crises, the association has perpetually ensured to implement the members with the required technology, spare parts or any other requirements.

• The Association of Automobile Workshops Kerala has also brought about pension plan for aged members along with education scholarships for privileged students.